First Class Sales Outsourcing

We sell your products

Sales excellence

We sell products, acquire new customers, establish business contacts, provide access to markets, invest in sales measures and create sales channels.

In doing so, we help companies grow, establish themselves on the market and survive. We do not work for fixed fees; rather, we want to benefit from the success.

We act in the name of and on behalf of our customers, and we do so discreetly; we do not talk about our success nor do we mention any names. 

sales sales sales

We avoid distractions, act in a focused manner, take the complexity out of things, and ensure that our customers sell more because we sell

Based purely on success

We assume responsibility, and, in return, we want to benefit from the success. We are not interested in fixed hourly fees; we want to be rewarded for results, i.e. completed sales

Always discreet

We never talk about our customers, nor do we refer to any credentials or sales figures from other companies because we are a reliable and trustworthy partner

Our clients

Our resources are money, contacts and time, which makes them valuable and precious.

As such, we very selectively and carefully choose our customers and the industries in which we are active. Our customers can be major international corporations, young innovative startups and hidden champions among medium-sized companies. 

The product, its chances and the particular market situation are crucial for us. The situation of the company that hires us is also relevant and important to us. 

We sell

There are many opportunities for us to be successful.

It can be via direct sales to select target customers, such as major customers. It can also be marketing special items or creating a complete sales channel as well as providing access to markets and successfully listing with distributors or establishing ties with wholesalers. 

As such, companies can benefit from Yayventa's great sales abilities and obtain the services of an external, successful sales professional.