Yayventa Services

Sales with a passion. 

In many different ways.

Yayventa offers a wide variety of sales activities for its customers. From direct sales to selected customers, markets or target audiences to successfully listing with distributors and wholesalers. We market special items, overproduction and much more.

We are the external sales professionals who work alongside companies. 

Direct B2B sales 

Sales to key accounts

Marketing special items

Creation of a complete sales channel

Accessing markets

Obtaining sales partners, specialized retailers and wholesalers

Successfully listing with distributors or marketers

Complete creation of an online sales channel

It's always about sales, from the initial telephone conversation to the on-site sales pitch or pure marketing using networks and existing contacts.

Yayventa has many different options for executing interesting marketing assignments, and thus generating sales and revenue for customers. 

Creating an online sales channel

We also assume responsibility for fully marketing products online and investing in the creation of an online shop, and we bear the risk. Our customers take care of processing the order, i.e. shipping, customer service and invoicing.